Friday, November 2, 2012

Fast Times in Indiana

My dear friends, I had hoped to wax eloquent about the PBR World Finals that ended on Sunday, and I may still get to that, but the march of time has brought us a new development that deserves our attention. The Divine Pearl de Vere, relentless bloodhound that she is, sent the Stockyard Queen a link yesterday to a story in Autoweek. Take a look and try not, as Miss Ruby would say, drop your teeth. And don't miss the comments, which is where the feathers really start to fly.

This is all very interesting, given the current sad state of the PBR and its witless CEO, Jim Haworth. We haven't heard much out of Jim since he famously stated that all female fans are buckle bunnies and then issued a non-apology about it. One of my correspondents lovingly referred to Haworth as a "meathead." I can't say his behavior has suggested anything much different.

Please, let us at the Stockyard know what you think about this. Should the PBR make a change at the top? Do we need to revise our clarion call to "Bring back Justin McKee AND Randy Bernard!"?