Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Apologies

It has been a long, hard six weeks at the Stockyard, and we are just now getting all the pieces picked up. The short version of this painful story is that while we were away at Christmas, there was a water leak in our house that caused massive damage. Fortunately our homeowners insurance covered us, but we hadn’t bargained on how difficult it would be to live in a construction site. This despite the fact that Barn Cat and I had each helped remodel a house before we got together, and since have remodeled two more, so we couldn’t complain that we didn’t know pretty much what to expect. Nevertheless, the strains have been significant. It’s been about all we could do to work for a living and manage the action on the home front, so even though we of course have not stopped watching the PBR, we haven’t had much energy to comment on it.

But we believe things will be back to near-normal around here shortly, so we will try to return to our jobs as self-appointed bad-ass commentators soon. We still have a long list of subjects we plan to tackle, and we have met some people whom we think will make good guest bloggers, so stay tuned. We will be back.

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