Monday, March 23, 2009

I Hope the Rest of the Week Goes Better Than It's Starting Off

Gentle readers, I am so bummed. Yesterday morning, our cable box suddenly developed a hiccup. First, it had no audio, then it had neither audio nor video, then finally (after I'd spent a half hour on the phone with a cable company tech), it had both audio and video for about 30 seconds, at which point it would considerately turn itself off.

So here we are, stranded in a high country snowstorm with no television. We missed the ongoing sagas of the PBR and Breaking Bad, and the season finale of Big Love, and since the cable company can't get anybody out here to fix the box before tomorrow morning, we will also miss 24 tonight. This is no way to start off the week.

Please, please take pity on me and enlighten me. I know that Ryan Dirteater broke his leg, but what happened on Sunday night? I can always look at the results on the PBR website, but they can't possibly tell me as much as you can. Throw me a line, please!


Jaye said...

Although I didn't know most of these bulls, it was a good event. Brian Canter won as you know, and he had a good ride on Beer Goggles in the second round and then an excellent ride on Troubadour. He was sound through the whole ride, and Troubadour bucked well like he always does. He's got great rhythm.

Round Two had some surprises for me as far as the bulls go. I really liked Wolf Tickets and Jack Be Quick. The bull, Fat Lip, didn't do so well, but he's a pretty bull, very stout with curly hair. Wild & Out had the high bull score of 45.50, but I don't remember much about him because it was Kody Lostroh's bull, and I wasn't paying much attention.

In the Short Go, there were several bulls that stood out including Mental Midget, Bible Bender and Firebird. The Canadian bulls, North Star and Northern Chill, did well too. They're full brothers.

Lostroh and Mauney both bucked off in the 2nd Round and Short Go. Not sure what's going on with them, but they didn't look so good this weekend and haven't for awhile now. Canter won both the
2nd Round and the Short Go fair and square, no controversy about this win. Marchi and Nunes both rode 3 bulls and looked great.

Marchi is now 2nd in the standings by pulling ahead of Mauney by a few points. As far as next week's challenge between Lostroh and Mauney, I tend to think they're going to keep it the way it is and advertise it as East vs. West instead of #1 vs. #2. I don't necessarily agree with this, but I bet this is what they do.

Stockyard Queen said...

I feel like somebody has stuck an oxygen mask on my face just as I was gasping my last breath. Thanks, Jaye, for the great recap.

shannon said...

I can't add much more than Jaye. By the end of it, I was so tired, I'd hit the ffwd button at the beginning of the commercial, then fall asleep and wake up a couple minutes later having to rewind a bit. So, suffice to say, I can't remember too much.

Brian is looking very good. JB and Kody had a couple of really hard bucking bulls and didn't last more than 2 seconds each (maybe Kody was about 2.5). Both bulls flipped them right over the top of their (the bulls') heads, if I remember correctly. I do remember thinking "I think SQ has her answer about Kody and buckers" because I think it happened twice last night.

Glad to see Guilherme in second and I'm glad we didn't have to see the replay of Ryan more than once. Seeing him throw the macho thing out the window and break into tears of pain was endearing, but also heartbreaking enough that I don't need to see that over and over again.

Shawk said...

I can't think of anything to add except that you were lucky to miss the 32 repetitions of Renato Nunes' self-punishment on replay.