Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes, I've Sold Out

Folks, you've doubtless noticed that suddenly advertisements are showing up on "Turn Him Out!" Yes, I must confess, I've signed up for Google Ads. I seriously doubt that I'll see any revenues to speak of, probably not enough to buy me a cup of coffee, but maybe it will help assuage my conscience for putting in time here that might be better spent elsewhere.

On the other hand--where could I possibly better spend my time? When I read the Zonkboard and your comments, I feel like I am being lifted up by a host of angels. I wish I could gather you all up and deposit you in my living room some Saturday night, and serve you snacks and drinks while we whoop and holler and yell at the tv set and offer up our unvarnished opinions on the bulls and the riders and (gulp!) the judges. But until such a moment arrives, wherever you are, laissez les bons temps rouler!


shelia said...

Count me in! Maybe we could have a wild party the last weekend of the finals!

Shawk said...

I check from work and from home sometimes, so you'll get like... 45 cents from me!

I'll bring the chips to our wild party. ;)

Black Boots said...

When my best bud and I aren't watching the PBR together, we watch online "together" via MSN Messenger. If you have an account and want to join us we'd be glad to have you. My Messenger e-mail is sign into Messenger and ask me to put you on the "friend" list. That way we can talk bull all night long!

Kris D said...

Hi from New York--
Just got back from the Madison Square Garden Invitational and if anybody's interested, I can give some highlights. Don't know how much of it NBC broadcast.

My fave moment: J.B. driving sideways on Code Blue. Score was only 77.6, but he "got him rode."