Saturday, January 30, 2010

Godspeed, Randy Bernard

The Indy Star is reporting that Randy Bernard has accepted the post of CEO for IRL. This story does actually get at least some of the facts about the PBR right, most likely because they let Randy speak for himself for a change.

Good luck to you, Randy. Despite the ridiculous comments of those racing fans who labor under the delusion that you have to "know the sport" (meaning you have to know how to ride a bull or drive an Indy car) to market it, I'm sure you'll manage to right the ship if the bosses will just stay out of your way. Thank you for your exemplary service to the PBR for the past 14 years. You did an extraordinary job for an outfit that needed all the help it could get. Enjoy Indianapolis, and we hope to hear soon about your successes in your new endeavor.

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