Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Woman in Billings: The Bulls

I trust, Dear Readers, that you will forgive me for vanishing so suddenly last week, in mid-report, as it were. Between MONTANA BARN CAT PASSING HIS WRITTEN COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATIONS FOR HIS PH.D., finishing up a huge book project, and catching a rotten head cold, I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a windstorm, when I wasn’t in bed sniffling and sneezing. Never fear—I am back, and determined, late as it is, to honor my obligations and finish up what I started.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes! I wanted to write a few lines about the best bulls we saw in Billings at the Nile. To begin with, I was not that impressed with the bull pen on Saturday night, since out of 46 attempts, 22 riders managed to stay aboard. I was not happy about that. I am there to see the bulls, I’ve never made a secret of that, and anytime more than a third of the boys stick to their bulls, I am disappointed. I do have more favorites among the riders this season than since I started following the sport, but I still love the bulls best.

That said, here is a short list of the bulls who bucked like they meant it on that long-ago Saturday night:

Little Mr. T, who put Paulo Ferreira on the ground;

Bells and Whistles, who made short work of Stormy Wing;

Chococondra, who didn’t like Chris Shivers one bit;

Lacey Balls, whom I like more every time I see him;

Bootlegger, who unloaded Brendon Clark pronto;

Drill Baby Drill, whom I love even while despising the source of his name;

Cool Cat, who bucked Dusty Ephrom off; and

Class 6 Kat, who pitched Mike Lee off in an unceremonious heap.

But by far the best bull in the pen that night was Charlie Bullware, who apparently didn’t get the memo stating that Austin Meier was the new Great White Hope and should henceforth be let off easy. Since Charlie has his own Facebook page, I’m pretty sure he can read, so maybe he just begged to differ on that point. Mr. Meier did not have a good weekend in Billings, and I’m sure Charlie was pleased that he contributed so gallantly to that situation.


Anonymous said...

I like the bulls, too, and sometimes more than the riders.

I'm skipping ahead to Des Moines: My favorite bull against my favorite rider!

Silver Wings and JB Mauney!

While I wanted JB to move up in the standings and one-up Ednei, I didn't want anyone to ever make 8 seconds on this special bull. (He's been ridden once in 28 outs by Ednei Caminhas in 2008.)

It was difficult to watch--I was absolutely torn!

shannon said...

I've come to really like the bulls over the years and find the events more exciting when fewer guys ride. I do, however, love a good ride on a rank bull. That's always fun.

Congratulations, MBC!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Shannon!

Okay Silver Wings won this one over JB. Next time, JB better dress that bull up cute for a glorious 8 second ride that I will record and replay for the rest of my life!

Black Boots said...

First things first:
*Raises glass, toasts to MBC's success(& SQ for her supporting role)*

I found some of those bulls to be interesting, too--we don't see a lot of them and it's nice to have some new names. I'm like you, I'd rather have fewer rides, but these were definitely the cream of the crop in Billings.

Do you suppose Chococandra was an attempt to spell Chubacabra, or am I seriously off on my folklore?

And why oh why, Lacey Balls? Hee!

And one day I shall buy poor Drill Baby Drill and relive him of that name.