Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sort of Live Blogging from the PBR Event in Fresno

Through the magic of the internet, we at the Stockyard are proud to bring you a little conversation we had late yesterday with our fine correspondent S, who journeyed to Fresno for the event. We look forward to her complete report, but can't resist teasing you just a bit. First, a few words of wisdom from the hotel lobby:

S: Well, we are waiting for our room and have already seen Valdiron, Paulo Lima and Elton Cide, as well as Shane.
S: And now JB. Getting a fork.
SQ: Getting a fork? As in, "Stick a fork in me, I'm done"? Did you speak with Valdiron?
S: Yup, plastic fork, not sure why. He looks pretty banged up, but said hi. The Brazilians were spotted while we were paying our cab. Also saw Shorty, KRC and Brandon Bates, who has a belt with his name on it. Oh, and Ben Jones' dad.
S: And now we see Cody Nance, sans neckerchief.
S: Oh, finally got our room....And got to see Shane in his workout clothes.

And now, just a couple of notes from the event itself.
S: Renato remembered me, aw.
S: Oh, and crap, the voooiceeeoooover woman has prerecorded bits at the event.
SQ: This does not make me look forward to the two events on my calendar.


KrisD said...

Cody Nance without neckerchief?? Now THAT is a Fashion Alert!

Shawk said...

Well, never fear, I saw him after the event and he had a lovely matching yellow one!