Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shannon Concludes!

Finally, I offer up a few observations.


-Every year, his show gets smaller and smaller. I'm not sure if it's because of health issues or something else, but it's certainly nothing like it was a few years ago (it's even less than what it was right after his heart attack).

-Am I crazy, or is misogyny alive and well within the confines of the PBR? Not with the "rides like a girl" comments or the "girls can't ride at this level" comments, but has anyone ever been to an event where Flint's fan of the night has been a woman? Or has the best dressed award ever gone to a little girl wearing wranglers, a button-up shirt, and cowboy hat? Because I have yet to witness that. Oh, and while I'm discussing it: I wouldn't be surprised if one day, the Rock Star girl showed up in body paint just to see how long it would take people to notice. And, of course, the Jack Daniels girls were back, although this year, they were wearing flat cowboy boots. Yet, they still teetered on the dirt. Really, girls--heel, toe, heel, toe....I've been on that dirt in boots, it's not that hard to walk on.

-On the up side, Flint did make one remark that I had to pass on: He said that he really appreciated Valdiron's honesty. That when he asked other riders if they are okay, he gets, "Yeah, I'm fine," but when he asks Valdiron, he gets "No." I like the honesty, too.

The rides

Not much to comment on here, really, except for these three things.

-Astroid is amazing to see in person!

-Renato got hit so hard, I was sure he'd be unconscious, but he got up and walked away. What a tough guy!

-As exciting as Guilherme's rides and wins were, Justin Koon has my vote for the ride of Sunday night. I didn't even need to see it up close and on replay via the tv. It was that incredible watching how he just stuck to it, hung on, and worked hard for that buzzer.

Fans and riders

It's always interesting for me to sit back and watch the fans, as well as riders' reactions to them. This year, while the kids were getting autographs, I figured I had every one I really cared to have this time around, so I just sat and listened. There were the typical reactions from both, but while watching Ryan Dirteater both nights, taking a lot of time with everyone who wanted to talk to him (and there were a lot), I reflected on just how patient they have to be and how I don't blame some of them for not really wanting to deal with it (although I do appreciate the ones who suck it up and do). For Ryan, I wondered how especially uncomfortable the moments are, like on the dirt Saturday night when one male fan was taking a picture of his girlfriend with Ryan and, attempting a joke, said awkwardly, "Just keep your hands to yourself." Sheesh! Poor Ryan! I'm sure some riders can handle that well, but to say it to Ryan? Talk about not knowing your audience.

Then we got a big eye-rolling kick out of the two girls who, with almost every rider who passed by, would say "Wait! Are you married? No? You're cute, how old are you?", and then would hand them their phone numbers. Boy, did that give us something to talk to the kids about on the way home! Some of the riders ate it up, of course, but others didn't seem to care.

So, with my live events out of the way for the year, I find myself wondering how I'm going to approach next year. Should I bother with the fan club membership again? Should we save money and try for the chute seats? Oh, we'll go—it's fun and a tradition now, but I am mulling over a few things. Until then, I'm looking forward to seeing just who clenches the victory this year.


Shelia said...

Great reporting, Shannon! I haven't watched any PBR since the finals. I did watch a couple videos on youtube. I'm really sorry that I kept my membership for this year. In fact, I haven't even been here in months and don't get me started about the new PBR web page. I'm slip-sliding away... I cherish all the good times with Adriano, Rocky (yes, I agree about those dreamy eyes!), Guilherme, and JB. So excited about Shane winning 3 titles. He's not a favorite-favorite, but is an all around good guy. I can't take the wrecks. But, I love the bulls all the way back to Hotel California--I cried for a week when he died.
Glad you had such a great time and you know I won't stray that far away!

pbr sacramento said...

WOW .. nice reporting .. you will be amazed to know that i was not familiar to this game before reading this article. i think its the wildest game i ever know.. riding a bull without any support its very difficult and harming game no doubt. any how thank you to share and get me familiar to the game.

shannon said...


Shelia, sorry to hear you aren't watching as much this year. I'm still watching and we are still planning to go when it's in town, but I honestly don't miss the two night televised events as much as I thought I would.

pbr sacremento: Welcome! Are you planning on going to the event this weekend? It's a lot of fun in person in spite of some of the negative things. In fact, there is more good stuff about it than bad. Come back any time to ask questions or comment on the zonk board and, occasionally, you'll see some even better blogs than the one I wrote!

Shawk said...

Nice wrap-up!

I found it amusing that of course last night, Flint gave the Fan of the Night buckle to a young girl. Although this leads me to a somewhat-related question-- is Jeffrey Scott no longer a sponsor? Looks like Montana Silversmiths are front and center for things that JS used to do.

Oi, some fans are so inappropriate. Sadly, the riders must get used to it.

Anonymous said...


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