Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking to the Future

An excerpt from a much longer discussion between two of the three wranglers of this blog about the upcoming events this weekend:

"Did you see that Hummer won't be there this weekend?!?!?!?!?"


"Yeah, they are subbing in Brandon Bates one day and Clint Adkins the next.

"I guess we'll see if they can keep their sexism in check, but I have to hope they'll be less dopey than Hummer."

"I wouldn't bet on it--the 'color' is provided by J.W. 'Flapping Piehole' Hart, so anything could happen."


Anonymous said...

Any update on the McKennon shooting?

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on, BullSisters-- ANYBODY's better'n The Bummer. I've actually heard a few second of silence tonight!

Shawk said...

I missed seeing Adkins, but Bates was decent-- certainly much more informed than Hummer and usually filled the empty spots with something other than mixed metaphors and hyperbole.

I wouldn't mind if they repeated this experiment, that's for sure.

Stockyard Queen said...

Anonymous, I have been episodically looking to see if there have been any further reports about the shooting, but I didn't look last week. I will do that and report back.

Shawk said...

Well, I didn't see Adkins, but Bates tried to keep things moving without resorting to hyperbole or mixed metaphors. I would't mind if this experiment was repeated.