Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here we go -- Iron Cowboy Conclusion

Well, I already know who won thanks to Twitter and the PBR website, but I'll pretend to be excited about this anyway.

Third Round
  • J.B.'s "internal music."  Sigh.
  • It's weird to see a bull with a nose ring.
  • Gage Gay has almost Mike Lee-esque form.
  • J.B. Mauney's buckoff was ugly, yikes.
  • At least we are hearing less about guys not wanting the million enough, but I don't have hope that will continue.
  • Gage Gay is pretty canny with his interviews, neatly dodging awkwardness in the questions.
  • These buckoffs onto the chutes are really unfortunate.  Ouch, Robson.
  • Eduardo Aparecido looked good for most of that ride, but Silvano stuck it out, separated shoulder and all.  Sorry to see him making pained faces, but he's working through it.
  • Stormy Wing is lucky. That Stone Sober is something else.
  • Okay, this voiceover lady is better than the sex hotline operator one they had before, but sometimes she sounds super goofy.
Fourth Round
  • "Sweet Caroline," of course.
  • Watch out for Gage Gay, guys.  Kinda wanted Guilherme to move on and make his 500th ride, because he looked good for a bunch of that ride, but oh well.
  • "Two scoops of hoops."  Let that one sink in a bit.
  • David's Dream didn't seem excited about his cameo with J.W. Hart.
Final Round
  • That was a lot of hype for a second and a fraction.  Just goes to show that you can never count out bulls like Asteroid.
  • It's kind of anti-climatic to have the Iron Cowboy champion buck off in a jump and a half; I'm glad this is a one-off event.
  • Bushwacker was putting on a show!
  • Joao didn't look like he was really enjoying the Dr. Pepper someone unceremoniously shoved in his hand.  He looked a lot happier with the giant 50K check.
  • Interview with Gage Gay. And no interview with Joao. Shall I assume from this the translator really is toast?
So ends another Iron Cowboy.  Even if the format is funky, we learned a few things: Gage Gay proved he's definitely worth watching, Silvano proved he can power through the shoulder injury, and Guilherme got this close to his 500th qualified ride.  Not to mention that there are a number of very impressive bulls to keep an eye on for the future.


Anonymous said...

Fast forward to Sunday, The American. JB was given 4th place so he could advance. No one else rode (not JB's issue). The fix is in! He got to the finals.

Pearl de Vere said...

I wasn't able to see The American as I don't have RFD-TV, so I'm only going on Tweets.