Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MacKenzie Speaks

The Aftermath

I suppose it’s fair to say that my manners aren’t always perfect. Some of the people I hang out with say perfect isn’t even in sight from here. What do you expect? I’m still a puppy! I’ll be the first to admit I got carried away last Saturday night.

The problem is, I’m very sensitive. It really hurts my feelings when my folks take off to have fun without me. How can they keep leaving me behind? I’m supposed to be more important to them than anything else, and yet they keep packing their bags and heading out for parts unknown, at least to me. I’m really getting tired of it.

Anyway, a week ago Saturday, they left for Billings to go watch a bunch of dumb bulls hop around, and I was stuck here with these old lady dogs for hours. Finally about 3 o’clock, I heard a key in the lock. I ran to the door and there were Auntie Nikki and Riley, my good buddy! Of course I had to jump up and down and wag my tail while Nikki petted me, and then I had to sniff Riley from stem to stern to find out what he’d been doing since I saw him last.

But I wasn’t so interested in Riley that I didn’t notice what Nikki was carrying, so I followed her into the kitchen. She put it on the cooktop and left the room to wash her hands. I got my paws up on the oven door and I found a whole smoked chicken pizza up there! That was so nice of her! Getting it out through the dog door on its cardboard disc was sort of hard, but I managed.

I was just chowing down when I heard a shriek from inside and it occurred to me that I might have, er, misunderstood. Nikki came running outside, but by then, I’d swallowed the whole thing and was licking the last sauce up off the cardboard. I heard her telling my folks later that she couldn’t have been out of the kitchen for more than two minutes, so I guess that’s a record for carrying a pizza outside and eating the whole thing. She chased me all over the backyard, which was a lot of fun. When she went back inside, I started to follow her and that’s when I knew for sure I was in trouble. She made me sit outside for hours, till she went to bed! Not fair! If I’d known she was going to be that upset, I would have gladly shared that darned pizza with her. I bet Riley put her up to the whole thing. He always has been the jealous type.

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Underblog said...

How could anyone think that a pizza was not intended for a dog? Isn't that what dogsitters are for?