Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's Take a Little Break

I'll get around to commenting on the Copenhagen Bull Riding Invitational here in a day or two, but first I want to tell you about something that happened about two weeks ago. When I fired up the computer that Monday morning, I found this communique from SoCal Jay, my erstwhile budding PBR fan:

Stockyard Queen,
Life is strange enough when one can't sleep, gets out of bed at 2 in the morning, and goes on the computer, ya know? Weird and even surreal things can easily occur, and often do, as I'm sure you know.
I'm usually on guard against such goblins, to some extent, but I was completely unprepared for a sentence I read on a certain blog: "I have to admit that by the time the short-go rolled around, J.B. could have ridden a wooly mammoth with a cattle prod up his butt, and I would have yawned in the man's face." Before I could so much as put a hand in front of my blood-shot eyes, it was too late, and that image, I'm QUITE sure, was burned (think a branding iron on cowhide) into a dark corner of my brain where, I fear, it will remain forever.
Loveys, -J.

Now, this would be interesting if only because none of the rest of you remarked on that particular phrase, which forces me to conclude that you were all either too mortified by my obvious lack of class to comment, or else you were as bored as I was and thus didn't even notice. But I can always count on Jay to sink to my level and even to flop around there with me in the mire. Hey, it's good clean fun and at our age (and we are almost exactly the same age), we have to make our own fun.

But then Jay had to go and up the ante. A few days after I got this message, I got something else in the mail, which I feel compelled to share with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to take my hat off in the presence of true genius. I can write 'em up, but Jay can leap from the verbal to the visual, a gift that I truly envy. I am hereby appointing him Artist in Residence at the Stockyard. Stay tuned for his next contribution!


shannon said...

lol! That's great! Good going, Jay. You are truly gifted. As are you, SQ. I'm sure that the woolly mammoth line caught my eye and made me laugh, but as someone who tends to ramble on too much (even in my writing), I try to be careful about how much quoting I do--because, honestly, I find that I would comment on about every other line of your blogs.

Thanks for the laughs!

Shawk said...

Okay, I'm very glad that the cattle prod is up the wooly mammoth's butt and not J.B. Mauney's. ;)