Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Days It Just Doesn’t Pay to Get Out of Bed

If I had a weak moment and told you all how I managed to miss the last 15 minutes of Versus’ coverage of the Express Classic in Oklahoma City, you would all cover your eyes and then run screaming from my presence, as you rightly should do when face-to-face with one of the lamest human beings alive. To make matters worse, that little screw-up was the middle of a series of about five or six that plagued me all day long on Sunday. Mind you, nothing got hurt (but my feelings), nothing got broken (but my pride), and I suppose that all’s well that ends well. But if I’d known when I got out of bed what was coming, I swear to you I would have just pulled the covers back up over my head and hoped for better times come Monday morning.

Consequently, I was pretty stunned when I raced upstairs to the computer and learned that Ednei Caminhas won the event and Luke Snyder came in second. Those are exactly the two guys I would never have picked to finish in the top ten, let alone in the one and two spots. I was really happy to see that Ryan Dirteater came in third, but that good news also upset me further, since when I lost my Versus connection, he was in ninth and yet to ride in the short-go.

So if any of you would like to take pity on me and enlighten me as to the relative merits of those three rides, I will be eternally grateful. In the meantime, I am going to slink off to lick my wounds, and remind myself that today is another day.


shannon said...

Gee, SQ, I'm sorry you had such a tough weekend. I'm also sorry I can't shed too much light on the three rides. As much as I love watching, I find that many times, as soon as an event is over, I forget most of it, except for a few random things.

Um...I remember being really impressed with Luke this weekend. All of his rides were beautiful, including the last one, if I recall correctly. Ednei's bull looked tough, but he did a good job staying on. Ryan on Chance: A solid out for the bull and Ryan looked really good for the first few seconds, then simply bucked off. I don't think it was any mistake he made--simply that the bull was better that time.

Sorry I can't be more detailed or descriptive. Maybe someone else can do a better job.

Stockyard Queen said...

Thanks, Shannon. As I say, it wasn't anything huge, just a bunch of small screw-ups that left me wondering if I'd pissed off the gods of small things. Onward and upward!