Friday, October 30, 2009

Let the Games Begin

It's here, it's finally here, and I am just about beside myself with anticipation. What a season this has been! I have neglected you all shamefully, but I plan to be back with a vengeance for the finals. Yessiree!

I just went online to the PBR site and voted for what I think will be the final standings: Marchi, Mauney, Lostroh. This is doubtless a reflection of the fact that Kody Lostroh bores me six ways till Sunday, but I can't ignore how much Marchi has cut the lead in the past three weeks. Don't look back, Kody, somebody older and wiser might be gaining on you!

And J.B.? I just don't think he can make up the ground, not with the way Marchi is riding of late, but I'd never count the boy out. All in all, it's going to be a barn-burner, a nail-biter, a photo finish.

I won't burden you folks with information that you don't want, so I'll just say that the past two years, and in particular the past six months, have been perfectly awful around the Stockyard. A lot of people are way worse off than we are, for sure, and I'm thankful every day that I'm able to keep working and that people are interested in hiring me. But I only said that to be able to say this: in 2009, the PBR season, and especially its second half, may have saved my life altogether by giving me something different to think about for a few hours every weekend. I have to tip my hat to the whole outfit, and shake hands in gratitude all around.

So I am ready. I am SO ready. Got the snacks, got the drinks, got the remote control. Bring it on, boys. Let 'em buck.


Black Boots said...

Pitcher of gin and tonics--check.
Assorted bad-for-you snackage--check.
TV and computer fired up and ready--check.
Old lady glasses to see small print of said computer--check.
Assorted Brazil-based mojo items in place--check.
Fantasy team selected--check.

And thanks SQ, for providing a happy place for us. :-)

shannon said...

I'm all ready to go! Just a few more hours until the kids are in bed and I can cue up the DVR and watch it uninterrupted!

As for the blog spot--I appreciate you keeping it, even if you couldn't write on it as much as you wanted to. I like our small group here :)

Thanks, SQ!

shelia said...

Black Boots, I couldn't have said it better! Except mine is a martini. and I'm wearing and will wear for the next 2 w/e/s my autographed Guilherme shirt!

Yes, I love JB, being from NC and all, but my vote was also: Guilherme, JB, Kody, although I hope Zack somehow sneaks into that top 3!

I expect Chris S. and Mike White to announce their retirements.

Hope Ryan McC will survive tonight and win the event finals! Does he really have a punctured lung? Can one get that from the inside--by a rib or what? I'm a nurse and I can't imagine!!!

And I'm so sorry that I'm not there! It will be 2-3 a.m. before the first round is over!