Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live Blogging the Last Cowboy Standing--Round Three

Flint is leading a Journey singalong. I wish he'd take the midnight train going anywhere.

Aaron Roy bucks off Titanium Tough and takes a shot to the head as he wheels off over the bull's head.
Pistol Robinson gets SLAMMED back into the chute by Black Pearl. Bull starts bucking as soon as the gate comes open and throws Robinson almost instantly.
Sean Willingham bucks off Slim's Ghost at 7.93--really did look like he was going to ride him. Willingham challenges it. Hummer says Willingham had the tail of the rope in his hand at eight seconds, but the judges do not give him a score.

LUKE SNYDER BECOMES THE LAST COWBOY STANDING IN HIS 300TH EVENT!!!!! He's not my fave, but he earned this one. My hat is off to the man. He wins $210,500.

Here's Jim Haworth, the CEO of the PBR--but frankly, I will skip that part. Now Luke is standing with Haworth and the two showgirls--the cameraman zooms in so close on one of their butts that I can see how fine her fishnets are. A fitting end to the broadcast, I must say.

Oh, just one last tidbit, which some of us have been anticipating: Hummer says, "Pay Per View looks to be the wave of the future." You heard it here first.


KrisD said...

Actually, I Tweeted it first! :)
If the PBR decides that Pay Per View is the wave of the future, I am done being a fan. How greedy can you get!

And if the rule is "the tail of the rope has to be in your hand until 8 seconds are up," then Sean Willingham should've been scored. If he slapped the bull at 8 seconds, well, in Tampa so did two other riders: one was scored (the American), the other was not (the Brazilian). Gee, I wonder if Luke had to win the event because it was his 300th? (I know how the PBR likes to have everything neatly tied up with a ribbon--like the two New Mexican riders winning in Albuquerque.)

saraht said...

Thanks for the excellent commentary! I had to work last night and was unable to watch the event. I like the unpredictability of the draw. I wish they'd bring it back.
Much for fun to watch. Glad to see Luke on top!