Monday, April 25, 2011

You Haven't Lived Until . . .

Yes, it's been a scandalously long time since we were in Albuquerque, and none of us has stepped up adequately to discuss all the goings-on there, but I just have to share this with you.

A bunch of us trailed over to Dan's Boots and Saddles on Saturday afternoon before the event. After I finished handing over millions of dollars for a new pair of Adriano Moraes-endorsed Ariat boots, I spied our gay bull-rider friend checking out the helmets. I sashayed over there just in time to hear the salesclerk ask her where she rode.

"On the International Gay Rodeo Association circuit," my friend said.

The salesclerk rocked back on her heels and looked my friend over. After a long pause, she said, "I guess we don't have that here."

Believe me, child, it's your loss. I'd rather watch wild horse drag race than barrel racing any day of the week. If you're thinking of competing, though, be warned: Open-toed shoes are verboten.


shannon said...

lol! I'd love to have seen the look on the sale's clerk's face. The International Gay Rodeo Association in Albuquerque? Perish the thought!

I need to check out their schedule. See if their going to be near me at any time.

Jean said...

Actually, I just checked their schedule and they DO have IGRA in Albuquerque. I figured they might. N.M. is more liberal than you might think. I note, however, there are no events in AZ, of course THAT'S no surprise as it's difficult to get less liberal than Arizona without being Alabama.

Jean said...

OH and here is the NMGRA website: