Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

Gather 'round, friends and neighbors, while once again I proclaim that the season is starting up and we are all fired up here at the Stockyard. I try not to torture you fabulously patient folks with my personal issues, and I don't plan to now, but man! What a year this past one has been!

I actually am taking a few liberties, because it's been a little more than a year since the earth started shaking around here. Still, in the space of a mere 14 months, Pearl has bought a house and moved into it, and Montana Barn Cat and I stumbled upon our own little piece of heaven in Big Sky Country and, in a completely characteristic act of impulsiveness, bought it.

Since then, the people involved with this blog have hired painters, cleaning professionals, landscape designers, architects, moving companies, carpet cleaners, and dog trainers. We have paid out thousands to other people who have cleaned up our flower beds and wiped out the insides of our refrigerators and polished up our floors. We have signed contracts with banks and realtors and prospective buyers of our homes. Just to add to the fun, we have acquired yet more animals and weathered the attendant dog food and vet bills. The economy may still be ailing, but we are doing all we can and then some to hold up our end.

Thus, it is with a great sense of relief that we anticipate the beginning of the PBR season this coming weekend. Valdiron de Olivera and several other boys are out with injuries, Chicken on a Chain is making some interesting observations over on Facebook, and God only knows what crazy shit the dudes at headquarters are dreaming up. The reelection of Barack Obama is certainly a sign of the coming apocalypse, and gun nuts all over the country are buying more guns and stockpiling ammo because of course the feds are going to show up any second and confiscate ALL weapons, but frankly, we can't be bothered with any of that right now! We are TIRED of thinking serious thoughts and we are ready to PAR-TAAAYYY!!!!

No, we are preparing to grill a steak and wash it down with Jack Daniels while watching cowboys hit the dirt in Madison Square Garden. Bring on the bulls!


shannon said...

Congrats on the new house! We're in the process of refinancing right now-lower percentage rate, lower monthly payment (not much, but any little bit helps, right?) and 3 years knocked off of it. Flapjack, our bloodhound, continues to be a challenge, but I've met some wonderful long-time bloodhound owners who have taken me under their wing and that helps. The common mantra around here is, as well as most bloodhound owners, is "he's lucky he's so cute!". Gracie is doing well, too, although the addition of a new puppy has her trying our patience a little bit.

So, a new year of PBR. Your blog makes me want to try it out. Also, I just saw the article explaining that the draft is gone except for the short-go and the short-go is back to being only on the final night. I guess they got tired of the Brazilian's strategies. Oops...did that sound cynical? I guess there's a part of me that's still irritated with the organization, but I'll do my best to get over it this year.

Thanks for the update and the kick off to the new season!

Stockyard Queen said...

The thing that irritates me most about the complaints about the Brazilians using the draft to their advantage is that Lostroh won the championship using exactly that approach. Funny how quickly we forgot that. What's almost equally funny is how incensed people got about a tactic that only a fool would not have taken advantage of.

Shawk said...

Congrats on your land deal -- and good luck keeping MBC from populating it with the whole ark.

I'm actually happy that they got rid of the short go on the first day-- I'm sure they got rid of it because it didn't put any more butts in the seats, not because many people didn't like it, but it's gone nonetheless, so hurrah!

The top Brazilians just ride more bulls than anyone else. They can try whatever they want, but there's really no way for them to get around it.