Monday, February 11, 2013

A Call for Transparency

All right, I know, you can stop laughing now. I'm being totally naive to even say this, but just hear me out for a minute.

I've been mulling this over for quite some time and the way things played out in Anaheim have convinced me that it's time to speak up. Here it is: I call upon the PBR to conduct the bull draw for all future events PUBLICLY.

At first, I thought I was imagining that the bulls the top American riders were being assigned were easier to get by than the bulls riders from other countries were getting, but then several of my readers started asking me the same question.

Don't misunderstand me--I love Shane Proctor, always have, since long before he moved to North Carolina and threw in his lot with the Mauney family, and I am always happy to see him win. But I can't help but seriously question how impartial the bull draw really is when I see the bulls that many of the lower-ranked American riders are being given, especially when you see the eliminators some of the Brazilians in particular are told to ride.

To put a stop to such speculation, the PBR should start doing the bull draw PUBLICLY, where anybody who cares to can witness it. This will put to rest any lingering questions about whether the process is anything less than genuinely impartial. To keep on doing business as usual (and let's be truthful--that's what we expect to happen, because that's what always happens, right?) is to stoke the suspicion that the riders from other countries are being set up to fail.


shannon said...

I was in Anaheim, but since I get so distracted with everything around me, I don't notice the bulls. I know, that sounds weird because they are half of the sport, but I'm so busy looking around that unless the bull is really extreme, really bad or not cooperating when it's time to leave the ring, I don't really see the differences in bucking styles.

I also haven't seen any events on tv, but I hoping to get better with that, so I'll have to start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I have felt that it has been "rigged" for several years. They won't change. They (the PBR) are Hell bent on an "American" to win this year. So....the draw is "fixed". I can't prove it...just a gut feeling.

Shawk said...

Unfortunately, every time the PBR is questioned on anything like this, they seem to put up nice PR while changing nothing (or changing the surface but not addressing the actual issue).

I have long wondered what the long-term plan is for the PBR as far as the draw and the livestock direction-- while I'm sure Cody Lambert is good at what he does, they really ought to have a system that other people could pick up, understand and follow if needed. Now they may, but it's definitely not transparent if they do.

Stockyard Queen said...

The more I think about this, the more puzzled I am by the emphasis on the nationality of the bull riders. Is this an international sport, or not? Isn't it to the benefit of the sport for fans to cheer on their favorite rider regardless of where the rider comes from? As far as I'm concerned, xenophobia has no place in bull riding.

It hasn't escaped my notice that the American riders seem to have started drawing pussy-pen bulls shortly after that series of articles showed up on the PBR site about how the Brazilians have dominated the sport for years now.

Shawk said...

I loved the article where they talked about how 5 Brazilians were in the top 17. Which means that 12 of the top 17 are from other countries, so the point would be...?

It's not like there are teams based on nationality here (except in the gone but not lamented World Cup), so what difference does it make where the riders come from, anyway?