Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Will Be Super

Good morning, friends and neighbors! Here we are, it's already Thursday, and no doubt some of you are wondering why we haven’t posted anything about last weekend’s event in Sacramento. And the reason is—we didn’t see it! Because except for the 15/15 bucking contest, it wasn’t broadcast! 

Because apparently there was some other big-deal sporting event taking place last weekend, and CBS and CBS Sports were for some inexplicable reason distracted by all the hype and the hoopla and sadly, the PBR got trampled underfoot and left, broken and battered, to mope on the arena floor.

Except—the Super Bowl WAS and IS a big deal, much bigger than any PBR event ever staged, up to and including the World Finals in Las Vegas. Aside from the handful of addicts (of whom I am certainly one) who start to get the shakes when we can’t see a broadcast, nobody else in the world gave a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut that virtually none of the event in Sacramento aired last weekend. Chicken on a Chain sang a sad song about it on Facebook—that’s about all the attention it got. 

Now, it’s common knowledge that many international sports enthusiasts regard American football as a joke, since virtually nobody else on the planet plays it in any serious way. (Naturally, that doesn’t stop us from proudly crowning one team world champions of a sport that is not a worldwide phenomenon every year—that’s ego for you.) Obviously, soccer, not American football, is the most popular sport on the planet. 

But even if we are determined to be both accurate and modest, we can certainly state with authority that the NFL is a major national sports league in the United States, and by comparison, the PBR—is not. Not by a long damned shot.

I am longing for the day when the PBR World Finals is a serious contender for the kind of attention that the Super Bowl gets, year in and year out. But a lot of things will have to change before that blessed day arrives. 

And another thing is certain—I am not going to bother watching events via the LEC. I have seen enough of Clint and Brandon telling Flint he’s being creepy to last me a lifetime at live events. “Sweet Caroline” again?!?!?! Stud of the Night, chosen by three guys? No, ma’am, no, no thank you. I'd way rather take a midnight train going anywhere.

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Shawk said...

I have found a way to tolerate the LEC. I simply take a restroom break or make some tea or do anything that gets me away from the computer when I hear anything to do with Fan of the Night, Stud of the Night, Sweet Caroline, etc.

I will say that although I am not a big football fan and I was annoyed they had football blather in the place of the PBR, that was a pretty weird and interesting Super Bowl.