Friday, August 15, 2008

Jay's First Time

So while Montana Barn Cat and I were wallowing in anguish over our sad-sack performance in arranging for Mr. SoCal Jay to see some bull riding, that fine gentleman took matters into his own hands. A few days ago, we received this missive:


My toes are curling with anticipation. My
nipples are getting hard. This very Sunday, August 17th, the “Paso Robles Shootout” is being broadcast on ESPN 2 at 2:00 P.M., Pacific Standard Time.

We GET that channel here at home!

It’s only an hour-long televised viewing, from the looks of things. And my guess is that the PBR event took place a way’s back. But so what?! The “first time” is usually quite memorable for everyone, eh?

Loveys, Jay

Jay, you are a better man than we are, and we heartily hope that the first time will be grand for you. We will be watching too, though we aren't sure yet that it will run at the same time out here. Nevertheless, we promise to stay close to the telephone, in case you feel the need to holler at somebody who can actually respond to your exclamations. And we look forward to hearing all about it next week!


Jean said...

OMG! WOOHOO! I can hardly wait to hear this report.

It is kind of unfortunate that this will be the first experience watching bull riding. Yes, it was pre-taped and at least one incident caused big news. You'll definitely see at least one bull get the upper hand (cough). At least, you'll see it if they didn't edit out that ride.

shannon said...

Glad to hear it, Jay! I'm looking forward to your report, too.

I was just wondering: If you had a vcr and someone else had a vcr *and* VS, could you get them to tape a few events for you? I'd do it, but we don't have one anymore.

Jean said...

I have a vcr/dvd combo. I've been taping the shootouts on vhs so I can pause through the commercials, then when I get all the shootouts taped I can put them all on one or possibly two dvds.

I'm not familiar with the new machine yet, but I think that as well as copying from the vhs onto a dvd, I can also copy from the dvd onto a vhs.

In other words, I think I can do that for you Jay! I'll check and see.