Saturday, September 20, 2008

And Now a Note from The Stockyard Queen

Folks, I interrupt our usual programming to warn you that our usual programming is going to be a bit sporadic for a while. For some time now, I have been trying to post at least twice a week, plus do the Daily Shout-out, and I've done pretty well up until the last week. But since the middle of August, I have been buried in requests for my services from folks who are willing to pay me for them, and my attention to the blog has been slipping a little.

So I've decided that for the next several weeks, I will probably only be posting something new once a week. The Shout-out only takes a few minutes, as I'm sure you have discerned, but if I don't do it first thing, it seems like I don't do it at all. I will try to make amends for that bad behavior and at least get that up each day. If it's not an element that you particularly enjoy, I'm sorry about that, but I get a huge kick every morning out of checking to see who's checking us out. I just haven't managed to do it at all for the past week.

Rest assured that I'm not abandoning you altogether, and please do keep commenting and zonking to your heart's content. I am very happy to have you all here--your insights and often hysterically funny observations have lifted me up during the times (some of them recent) when I despaired about whether I was throwing my life away on a bunch of boys who didn't give a rat's ass for my opinion. Most likely I was right about that, but I'm very glad to have made the acquaintance of everyone who's stopped by here. You've made my life richer in ways I never counted on, and I'm grateful to each of you for that. Please keep coming to see us, and let us know when you do.


Jean said...

Woohoo! We'll miss you but being a paid writer is very cool SQ!

Here's one to make you smile as you work. I noted this on my little message board last night. I found it on the PBR website and can't believe I didn't wake William up (or the entire neighborhood) with my howls of laughter.

I really really like Mike White, but this is just hysterically ironic:

Mike White is out with a sprained right thumb (riding hand) sustained in Grand Rapids. He is probable for Oakland.

Bull: Pull My Finger
Event: Grand Rapids, MI

Stockyard Queen said...

That's hilarious, Jean. Thanks, I needed that! Most of what I'm working on is editorial, but I'm not complaining, it keeps the wolf from the door. Guess I better go downstairs and see if I can scare up the Shootout on ESPN2 here in the wilderness. Later, gators!

shannon said...

As much as I like Mike White and am sorry he's out for a bit, that's really funny.

Glad to hear you have some paying work, SQ. We'll miss not seeing you as much, but there are priorities.

Hope you get to see the show tonight and I hope for all of our sake it's a bit better than last week's event.