Friday, January 2, 2009

What I'm Looking Forward To

And so, tomorrow night, the 2009 PBR season begins. It's been hectic as hell around the Stockyard since last August, and the last couple of months prior to the finals were so nerve-racking that having a little time away from it all may have saved my sanity. Now I'm as excited as I've ever been to see the spectacle anew.

Did I mention that I'm excited? Did I tell you why?

The bulls. One aspect of the sport that keeps me on my toes is that new bulls appear without fanfare, and I have to pay strict attention to make sure I'm seeing all the new talent. But what about old talent? I can't wait to see them again, Avalanche and Booger Butt and Bones and all the rest. What have those adorable babies been up to? I've missed them all, and the prospect of seeing rookie bulls makes my palms sweat. Bring 'em on!

The boys. With two high-profile retirements last season, there has to be some room for the rest to strut their stuff in Baltimore, right? I am dying to see how all the veterans handle themselves, and I also am poised on the edge of my seat to see my good buddy Reese Cates and the rest of the class of 2008. But there must be some up-and-comers we'll see tomorrow night, too. Come along, children, show us what you're made of.

The bulls. What, again? Yes! You all know this is why I watch the PBR. I'm so excited to see those bulls, I can hardly stand it. I'm leaving right now to lay in a supply of Jack Daniel's and tortilla chips. I wish you were all here to watch it with us!

It may not be my place, but too bad--I declare the 2009 PBR season open. Let the games begin!


shannon said...

Boy, did I need that last night. I'm always sad to see the holidays end, so having PBR back was a good way to start settling back into a routine and the bulls and riders didn't disappoint.

It's sad not to see Justin and Adriano there, but I, too, am looking forward to seeing who steps up to the plate this year. Now that Guilherme has won, I can get behind anyone winning, although I'm pulling a bit harder for JB and Guilherme.

Stockyard Queen said...

JB?!?!?!?! You're pulling for JB?!?!?!?! Sorry, I'm not going to root for him till he shows me he can act like an adult when he gets bucked off. I'm not going to root against him, obviously, but he's got a long way to go before he'll have my enthusiastic support.

shannon said...

Yeah, the tantrum thing leaves me cold, too, but he's done very well these past couple of years and pulled out all the stops in Vegas. And I like most of his interviews. So, I guess I can white knuckle it through his tantrums and be happy for him if he wins this year.

I'd still rather see Guilherme go back to back, though :)

Stockyard Queen said...

I am increasingly impressed with Reese--seems like he's learning to handle himself well with the media. And Kasey was adorable, as was Robson. So there are several in line ahead of JB, on my short list. Of course I'd love to see Guilherme become the first two-time back-to-back champion.

shannon said...

Adorable is the perfect word for Kasey and I also used it to describe Reese on Saturday. Robson made me laugh.

I'd hope all of these guys do well this year. Actually, now that Guilherme has won, I'd be happy for a lot of them should they take it all. I'm thinking (and hoping) that this will be a much less stress filled season for me because watching Guilherme last year got really intense! Not to mention all the serious injuries.