Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wake Me Up When It's (Almost) Over

Zzzzz--zzzzz-zzzzz. Ow! Stop poking me! Can't you see I'm trying to catch 40 weeks here? Who IS that, anyway? Oh, it's my virtual friend Jaye, and what's she saying?

"I thought tonight's second round was boring. Most of the bulls weren't up to par in my opinion."

Damn straight, Jaye. And here comes the extremely knowledgeable Shannon to weigh in: "Round 2 was boring and there were at least three reride worthy bulls that the judges let pass."

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one out here dying for a little excitement. This is the PBR, boys, not a pony ride at the county fair. I haven't been so bored since the great snoozefest that was Tulsa.

Honestly, I only woke up twice during the whole event. The first time was to appraise Leah Garcia's ruffly white blouse--I defer again to Shannon: "And yes, I was wondering what Leah was thinking. Could her top have been any tighter?" Actually, I've seen similar tops at Corral West Ranchwear, so I'm not unfamiliar with the type, but it sure looked to me like Mike White had never seen anything like it. He was having conspicuous trouble looking Leah in the eye. I'm all for girl power and "the sistuhs are doing it for themselves" and all such like, and I frankly think it wouldn't hurt those boys to be made a little uncomfortable from time to time, but this was making ME uncomfortable, and that's a pretty tall order.

Then I dozed off again, and woke up just in time to hear Dr. Tandy Freeman (whose eyes also kept slipping down to assess Leah's chest) announce that Chris Shivers will be back next week--WEARING A HELMET. This might be the best news I've gotten since I learned that Valderion is no worse for the wreck he was in last week. I've heard Chris say that he thinks wearing a helmet might actually make him more prone to neck injuries, which I very seriously doubt, but I am positive it will help protect him from broken eye sockets and noses. Welcome to the club, Chris. I bet once you get used to it, you'll be right back in the middle of it.

But other than that, I was bored stiff. This is New York City, folks! If the PBR won't bring the best to the Big Apple, then what do we have to look forward to the rest of the season? Oh, yes, we get to watch Bones tonight, and Skyhawk Cut-A-Rug, a new little bull I have high hopes for. So I guess if I can manage to wake up after round three, I might see some great bulls do their work. I better go get the espresso machine ready.


Jaye said...

Yeah, what was up with those bulls this weekend??? I'm wondering about their pens. Are they just not used to the cold weather? Even the good, consistent bulls did poorly. Of course those fans in NYC just kept hooting and hollering. They were excited to see so many rides, but most of those fans just don't know any better. That was evident when they loudly booed the low score when Full Throttle didn't turn back and ran hopping down the fence. I was really disappointed in him. Hopefully he'll redeem himself at his next event assuming Lambert gives him another chance.

I like Skyhawk Cut-a-Rug too. Cody L. must have been really impressed by him to start him out in the PBR at the Short Go in Baltimore. I also really like I'm a Crook. He's a paternal brother to I'm a Gangster bred by Lorne High in Alberta.

Let's hope tonight's event brings back the excitement. If those bulls in the Short Go don't perform well, something is definitely wrong. I really want to see Chicken on a Chain do well. Many people wrote him off last year after he fell sick. And I hope Bones does some serious bucking.

Black Boots said...

This is totally IMO, YMMV, but I think Leah had some work done over the break. Those gals were riding high and hard.

I concur with the with lackluster aura of round 2. I would, however, like to send a great big THANK YOU to the cameraperson who had the foresight to go into the dressing room and record for posterity (pun intended) Guilherme's stretching routine. My, he's limber.

And didn't Adriano look great? Rested and uninjured, just as he should be. For him to walk backstage had to be an extremely emotional moment.

And yes, if Bones gets ridden, I think we can assume something's up with the bulls. Although it seems like they were the same last year--sort of a slow start for most of them, then built up steam as the year progressed? I'm anxious for them to get rolling, but it is early in the season.

shannon said...

When a ride on Copperhead Slinger only warrants an 85 (and from the looks of the replay, it was the bull, not the judges), you know something is up. I wondered about the cold myself.

Jaye, it always surprises me which rides/scores the bulls will boo for.

I, too, really hope tonight's a lot better. The short go should be at least.

Oh and about Mike White and Leah? That, combined with the obvious amount of fun Ryan Dirteater as having, complete with a new haircut, were the best laughs I've had this weekend so far. Seriously, there have been other interviews with Leah, when she's been wearing something low cut, where I swear the riders were thinking "Don't look down, don't look down....". And as for Ryan: I want to see it spiked. Just once :)

shannon said...

I wrote out a post earlier today, but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace. Instead of repeating everything, let's just say that I agree with all of you from the lack of bull power to Leah and the girls and Guilherme's stretching routine.

And let me add, that I got a huge laugh out of Ryan Dirteater. He made my night. I can't say I'm crazy about the new do, but it's obvious that he's enjoying the heck out of life right now. I loved it.

S. said...

Dr. Tandy Freeman's facial expressions during his interview with Leah were totally hilarious. I must have been doing something else during the Mike White one, as I don't recall it and I'm sure that I would.

I really don't understand Justin McKee and JW Hart getting taken by "Shady Joe." They've been to NY before... Oh well, random recreation time!

I'm hoping Sacramento will be more exciting, especially as I will be there on Sunday in person. At least I'll see all the rides that way.

Stockyard Queen said...

Growing up in the South, I always experienced that kind of slippery-slidy checking out that good ol' boys did when they were talking to the ladies. It unnerved me when I was younger, but I guess I must have gotten used to it. It was just so funny to see both Mike White and Tandy looking Leah over like that. You'd think by now they've have seen her often enough to let it pass.

Stockyard Queen said...

Maybe Leah spent her Christmas bonus on a bunch of new Wonderbras.

S. said...

I guess they were seeing her from a whole new, er, perspective. ;)

On the helmet issue, Ty Murray's latest blog entry over on PBRNow is strongly pro-helmet (if also strongly rambling). Nice to have one more influential voice in favor, although I think just the young guys coming up having known nothing but helmets is helping tremendously.

Stockyard Queen said...

Geez Louise! Did Jewel write all this down as Ty was drinking beer at the bar? How many times can you say "it doesn't take away from the cowboy spirit" in one post?!?!?!?!

shannon said...

Welcome S!

I read Ty's blog today and, SQ, I thought the same thing. It was quite repetitive. But, I was so glad he wrote it. I hope some of them listen to him because a few of them that could use helmets after all the facial/head injuries they've had.

Stockyard Queen said...

Ty should hire me to edit his posts. He's a smart, thoughtful guy, but it sure doesn't show in that one.

S. said...


His blogs read to me like he's just talking while someone else is taking dictation, and up it goes without further editing. I won't speculate as to how many beers may or may not be involved.

Ed said...

It had to be the cold weather that had the bulls looking sluggish, and it seemed to have the same effect on some of the riders. It looked like a few were playing down to their bulls and getting bucked off, when they should have been "a day off" ride. Hey, it's early, it will get better.

I will be paying a little closer to the riders eyes when they are in a Leah interview, what a crack up! LOL!

Stockyard Queen said...

Welcome, Ed! Hope you enjoy the lively bunch who drop by here.

Jaye said...

I think the cold weather has an effect in the sense that the bulls are currently eating more to keep their body temperature up hence a weight gain hence the sluggishness.

Even though Jeff Robinson and Tom Teague are in NC, temperatures around here have been 40 to 65 during the day depending on where you're located and, of course at night, it is much colder. And then Berger is way up in South Dakota, so temperatures there must be extremely frigid. Being in NYC probably hasn't affected them but the time of the year has.