Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Am Mortified

Bodacious was NOT a muley! He had short little horns! I do apologize, folks, I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. It just goes to show you, you can't trust your visual memory when it comes to bulls and riders. I'll do better next time, I promise.


Jean said...

hehehe I thought of you when the Fearless special on Bodacious was shown tonight. I also noted that the events shown were all PRCA, not PBR, in spite of what the narrator occasionally said.

So, when is the post on the Orlando event coming??! I missed a lot of it because one of the babies decided to have a good roll and stick all four legs through his stall fencing. Took a bit to extricate the little devil and then walk him around to make sure he was okay. One of our little dogs has some sort of upper respiratory thing going and was having coughing fits. Then of course it was right at dinner time.

I did see some of the highlights though. there was at least a brief glimpse of the wakeboarding event to thrill all my bullriding buddies that were hopful. The boys from Brazil were not pictured
however. Even I might have looked up from my book to see that. Especially after JW Hart described Guilherme's legs...

Valderon had a tough get off from his first bull and got trampled. I was sick as I saw him squatting against the chutes, shaking and unable to stand. Then I realized
he was shaking with laughter and was unable to stand because he'd had an apparently major "wardrobe malfunction". Even so, he managed to stand long enough to hit the button to have the judges review the ride, leaving his buddy
Adriano to follow him around, cracking up, and holding a hat over the malfunction until they convinced Valderon to await the judges decision in the dressing room.

Roughneck slung his rider to the ground and then kneeled to thank God for letting him buck off the cowboy in less than 8. Unfortunately, he kneeled ON the rider and now Paulo Crimber is out for yet another 2 to 6 months to heal his broken clavicle and several ribs.

Stockyard Queen said...

Post on Orlando may be a bit late because we have to go to a lecture at Barn Cat's place of business, so we'll be recording the action and watching it after we get home. I did think it was a good event, particularly for the bulls, but I just about died when poor Paulo got hurt again. Is it my imagination, or are more of these boys falling right on their heads? I need to check on Ross Coleman's injury, while I'm at it.

Glad you got the baby rescued. Nothing like a little animal drama to liven things up, right?

shannon said...

lol! I just saw Fearless last night and if you knew how many times I've wondered since then how exactly to break the news to my new friend.... On the board? By email? ....hrmm.... :)

"The boys from Brazil were not pictured
however. Even I might have looked up from my book to see that. Especially after JW Hart described Guilherme's legs..."

Oh, wouldn't that have been nice? I'm hoping they have more highlights tonight and with any luck, Say I Won't will have some footage of it on their website.

Valdiron's situation was hysterical and I could've cried for Paulo. He was so happy to be back.

During Prime Time it was said that Kasey was feeling well enough to try to get to the event to hang out. That sounds encouraging. I hope he made it and we catch a glimpse of him tonight.

Stockyard Queen said...

I have always figured that if I screw up, it's better just to 'fess up and do what I can to fix it than to try to cover up or point fingers. It saves time, if nothing else.

At least I'm in good company--I'm not the first Bodacious outwitted!

Leah said...

Hey, at least you knew enough to get this wrong--your greenhorn friends back east are totally in the dark!

After reading some more Annie Proulx, I was going to ask you if rodeoing has gotten any less hard on its practitioners in recent decades--maybe through new rules, as happened to boxing--but after reading a few posts, it sounds as if it's still plenty rough!

Stockyard Queen said...

My dear, I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but as they say in exclamation points at the beginning of every event, "THIS IS NOT A RODEO! THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY PBR!"

Which means the PBR is ONLY bull riding. Traditional rodeo has a whole bunch of other stuff as well, including the three "rough-stock" events--bareback bronc riding, saddlebronc riding, and bull riding.

Leah said...

Uh... I knew that--I wanted to see if YOU did. Congrats; you passed the test!

(Did that work? ...)

(Didn't think so.)

Leah said...

Well, now that I know my PBR from my PRCA--do you have any interest in rodeo, too, O Stockyard Queen, or are you bull-riding all the way?

Stockyard Queen said...

I'm sort of vaguely interested in rough stock, but wild horse races, wild cow milking, team penning, bull dogging, calf roping, and in particular, barrel racing bore me stiff. And with apologies to those of my audience who are in the business, horses just don't buck like bulls. I love horses, but saddle bronc and bareback bronc riding simply aren't as dramatic. Or scary.