Friday, June 13, 2008

Paulo Crimber

The latest report on Paulo Crimber’s injury has knocked my plans for blogging into a cocked hat. I had intended yesterday to post an entry based on several e-mail exchanges I’ve had over the past week with a friend of mine in California, but considering the gravity of Paulo’s condition, I don’t really think that’s appropriate.

Of course, I’ve been reading anything I could find about Paulo and I know he’s having surgery on his neck today. I am not going to criticize anything that anyone has said about this tragedy, even though it seems to me that several comments have been less than helpful, because I know that at times like these, people feel the need to say something and sometimes what they say doesn’t really reflect their feelings. We all are wishing Paulo a safe and speedy recovery, and we each are offering him up whatever help falls within our purview and convictions to give.

But I do think it would be a good idea, for a little while at least, to recognize that Paulo and his family have good cause to grieve what he has lost. It’s too soon, in my opinion, to be making suggestions about why this might have happened or what might be in store for him later on. It might always be too soon for that. For right now, I am just terribly sad about this accident, and I can only hope that by recognizing Paulo’s loss to whatever modest extent I am capable, I can honor those attributes that have never been in question--his contributions to the sport of professional bull riding, and his courage.


shannon said...

Saying something to someone whose been through something like this can be tough. I've gone back over my statement on the PBR website many times and wonder if I should have left out one particular comment, but unfortunately, it's too late now.

I'm sure Paulo is going through a mixture of emotions now that include both grieving and anger. I've said that I'm praying for both physical and emotional strength for him and I will continue to do that because this can't be easy for him on any level.

Like you, I hope the surgery goes well and that the he has a quick recovery.

Stockyard Queen said...

Shannon, I just read your comment on the PBR board and I think it's fine. I'm pretty sure I know what you were worried about saying, but I'm also certain it's something Paulo's family and friends have been saying to him ever since that wreck. Well done, ma'am!

shannon said...

Thanks, SQ. I hope that Paulo is aware of all the messages, even if he hasn't read them all. I think it would be nice for him to know what kind of support he has.

FlashOBlue said...

This may be the end of Paulo as a bull rider, but it's not the end of his zest for life. Like Shorty said, there may just be something BIGGER out there for him!

Paulo is everything everybody wants in a bull rider. Some of you will understand this more than others. It's NEVER been the "Paulo Crimber Show," and I don't think he wants it to be.

We love his dancing when he rides and we love the way he sighs when he's bucked off. He's the perfect bull rider contender and I'm so very sorry tht he won't be able to make a run for the championship this year.

Something better is about to happen! I can just feel it!